Milkshake - glass - (D) (N)

ferrero rocher / mint aero / double decker / twix / snickers / wispa / crunchie / flake / bounty / cadburys dairy milk / oreo / jammie dodgers / maryland cookies


Lassi - glass - (D)

sweet / salty


Lassi - jug - (D)

sweet / salty


Mango Lassi - glass - (D)


Mango Lassi - jug - (D)


Pishta Badaam Milkshake - jug - (D) (N)


Desi Tea




Gajar Halwa - (N)


Rasmalai - (D) (N)


Kheer - (D) (N)


Gajar Halwa with Movenpick Vanilla Dream ice cream - (D) (N)



Movenpick - The Art of Swiss Ice-cream
Vanilla Dream

Vanilla Dream - (D) (V)

What most distinguishes our famous version of vanilla ice cream is the quality of the Madagascan vanilla we use and the careful manner in which we use it. First we extract the flavour from the Bourbon vanilla pods. Then the seeds and only the seeds are added to the ice cream a special touch of refinement that is typical of the extra care we take. Vanilla Dream is one of those favourite recipes that have been part of our range since the beginning

2.95 x 2 scoops


Strawberry - (D) (V)

Strawberry is a must-have for any family of classic ice-cream flavours and we do it here in style with creamy Swiss ice cream and the lush flavour of real strawberries. Generous morsels of the real fruit flesh punctuate a natural strawberry ripple that confirms this recipe's culinary credentials

2.95 x 2 scoops

Swiss Chocolate

Swiss Chocolate - (D) (V)

A celebration of two things that the Swiss are famous for cream and chocolate. Real Swiss chocolate and a blend of first-quality cocoa give the ice cream its supreme depth of flavour. Maracaibo cocoa adds its signature to a crisp ripple that breaks into crunchy shavings as you bite into it. A very famous MÖVENPICK recipe

2.95 x 2 scoops

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta - (D) (V)

The classic Italian dessert, faithfully represented in a lavish blend of Swiss cream with an enticing ripple of fresh raspberry coulis. Our version of panna cotta lends palpable nobility to the Italian original with a vivid flourish of berries for added surprise and delight

2.95 x 2 scoops

Passion Fruit and Mango

Passion Fruit & Mango - (D) (V)

An intense puree of passion fruit from Ecuador is the natural ingredient that makes this uniquely smooth and velvety sorbet mixed in subtle contrast with the succulent flesh of Alfonso mangos from India. Fruit content is 42 per cent

2.95 x 2 scoops


Pistachio - (D) (N) (V)

Smoothness meets crunch in this velvety pistachio ice cream, rippling with pistachio sauce and punctuated by fragrant nuggets of pistachio nut delicate variations on a single-flavour theme that pay tribute to the creative skills of our Maîtres Glaciers

2.95 x 2 scoops

Mint Chocolate

Mint Chocolate - (D) (V)

Mint lends its zing to a peerlessly smooth Swiss ice cream layered with a crisp, flaky ripple a classic ice-cream recipe in the grand English style, made exceptional by the culinary refinement that is the mark of a MÖVENPICK Ice Cream

2.95 x 2 scoops


Caramelita - (D) (V)

The creamy perfection of a classic Swiss ice cream folded with a caramel ripple and punctuated with sweet fragments of caramel, lovingly hand-made for us by Swiss craftsmen. A recipe that has been a favourite since the very beginning of MÖVENPICK Ice Cream

2.95 x 2 scoops

(D) - may contain dairy products | (N) - contains nuts | (V) - vegetarian